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As we wrap up the year we have much to be thankful for and to look forward to.  2016 seemed to be a pretty good riding year weather wise.  One of the nicest DALMAC's in recent history and very few scheduled rides cancelled because of rain. Now that the weather has cooled down and the days are a little shorter many of us are heading indoors.  Keep it fun. Nothing beats riding outdoors so the challenge is to make indoor riding a little more palatable.  Music and videos are often the simplest way to pass the time on a trainer.  Set a realistic schedule and goals that are achievable.

Sign up for an early season ride and put the 2017 Assenmacher 100 on your schedule.  That can help motivate you and train your way to fitness while imagining tail winds and sunny summer days 

Assenmacher 100

Keep your your bicycle in shape. Be prepared for the unexpected. Check your tires regularly for wear and damage. Keep them inflated to the correct pressure for the type of riding you are doing.  Make sure that you have a spare tube, pump, and you know how to use them.   Always carry your cell phone!

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Today's Tip

Don’t Toss Those Used Inner Tubes – Instead of sending them to landfills, recycle your bicycle inner tubes. They can be patched multiple times for use as spares. But, once they’re spent, they can still come in handy. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Use them as no-scratch tie-downs for holding your bike to your car rack so it can’t sway and get damaged.
  • Cut pieces and wrap them around your right chainstay to protect it from chain slap, which can chip the paint.
  • Cut out two short sections and slip them over your frame pump to keep water and mud from fouling it.
  • Use strips from the tube to wrap the handles of your garden tools for a more comfortable grip.

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A pair of wheels.
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