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Ride your bike!

As the temperatures drop and the days get progressively shorter it becomes more challenging ride outdoors.  If you have some miles in, you are feeling pretty fit and are up to speed, so it is a challenge to maintain that fitness. If you are still getting the bike out get those bike tires pumped up and dress for the cooler weather.  Remember with shorter amounts of daylight to be ready with good quality head and tail lights.

Most organized club rides are done but there are still a few fall and winter events on the ride calendar.

Always remember:

In all weather and temperatures it is important to stay hydrated. It is important to drink while you are riding even in the cooler weather. On longer rides always eat before you get hungry and drink before you get thirsty. It is much better to maintain energy and fluid levels then to try and recover after they are depleted. I try to drink at least one water bottle per hour and more when it is warm out.

The cell phone is one of the most significant improvements in cycling safety ever! Have yours with you on all rides.  Keep it charged and have the phone numbers you need at hand.  If you have a smart phone learn to use the navigation features and other apps that will help you stay on course and in touch.  Many smart phones have tracking features, have someone close to you have their device set up to track you.  In an emergency a couple of key strokes will pin point your location instantly.

Keep your your bicycle in shape. Be prepared for the unexpected. Check your tires regularly for wear and damage. Keep them inflated to the correct pressure for the type of riding you are doing.  Make sure that you have a spare tube, pump, and you know how to use them.   Always carry your cell phone!

2015 Quick Release Recall

There is an industry wide recall in effect for many bicycles that have front disc brakes and front quick release wheels.>

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Today's Tip

Grease Be Gone - For getting the grease and grime off your hands after doing roadside bike repairs, carry a little hand cleaner (paste types work well) and a small rag to scrub your hands. A great way to carry cleaner is to pack it into an empty film container and stow it in your seatbag.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

heart-rate monitor
A watch-like device that measures and displays your heart beat. A great tool for measuring and tracking fitness.
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