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2018 Assenmacher Frame


 Steel Bicycle Frame Repair

New top tube


New down tube


New seat tube


New head lug or seat lug


New chain stay or seat stay


New fork column


New fork blade


New front fork ends (drop outs)


New rear fork ends both sides (drop outs)


New rear fork ends horizontal TRACK style


New bottom bracket shell


New custom fork

Please supply:

  • Column length from top of crown
  • Amount of rake required
  • Type of brakes and wheels used
  • Head set used
  • Old fork if available


Precision align frame & fork (track)

From $120.00

Precision align frame (track)

From $85.00

Precision align fork (track)

From $45.00

Precision align and space rear end (track)

From $40.00

Align rear derailleur hanger


Repair, re-thread & align rear derailleur hanger

From $45.00

Precision tap and face bottom bracket shell


Precision face and ream head tube and fork crown


Re-thread stripped bottom bracket (steel)


Cut and thread fork column (steel)


Re-thread stripped bottom bracket (aluminum)


Fill dent in tubes

From $35.00 each

Remove immovable seat post

From $40.00 each

 Brazed On Fittings

Please keep in mind brazed on fittings damage paint.  Please estimate your refinishing costs when calculating your total expense.  Brazed on fitting removal is 1/2 the installation price.  Other options aside from those shown below are also available.  We would be happy to quote any braze on as they become available.

Campagnolo brazed on levers studs


Campagnolo brazed on bottom bracket guides & stop


Custom cable guides and stop (under bottom bracket)


Assenmacher brazed on 6mm seat binder bolt


Brazed on bottle cage mounts per set


Riv nut bottle cage mounts per set


Brazed on pump peg


Brazed on rack fittings (specify brand)


Brazed on custom low rider front rack fittings


Brazed on down tube stops for bar end shifters


Brazed on front derailleur mount


Brazed on brake housing guides


Assenmacher custom internal tube rear brake guide


Brazed on chain hanger


Brazed on cantilever brake mounts (1 pair)


Brazed on center pull brake hanger


Assenmacher custom rear tandem stem


S&S couplings installed on round tube steel frame
Please contact us with information concerning your specific frame


 Paint Services

The Assenmacher baked on Acrylic Urethane Enamel System is a durable and beautiful hand applied custom finish. Advanced materials and techniques are your guarantee of a finish that you can be proud of today, tomorrow and for years to come. Many finishes are available in both solid, mica, and metallic colors.

We use high quality materials, equipment, and techniques to provide you with a fine quality and durable finish. All of our finishes are custom hand sprayed by skilled artisans. We have a sophisticated air drying system that provides us with clean, bone-dry air to propel the paint to your frame. This means that the moisture and oil produced by the air compressor will not cause paint failure months or years from now. In addition to this state of the art spraying equipment, we have our 4,000 watt infra-red baking oven. This allows us to supply finishes that are beautiful and durable.

All prices quoted include the removal of existing finishes and our special preparation and paint system.

We can supply Assenmacher, Bob Jackson, Schwinn, Trek and many other brands of decals on frames that are to be repaired or refinished.

Many other options are available. We would be happy to quote on any job.


Solo steel frame and fork

Add $24 for aluminum and titanium frames, $80 for carbon frames


Tandem frame and fork

Add $55 for aluminum or titanium


Schwinn Krate (Includes silk screen on chain guard)

Add $45 for Schwinn Flamboyant Red


Contrasting panel on down tube or seat tube


Custom fade to your specifications

$55.00 per color

Head and seat lugs outlined in gold (or to order)


All lugs fork crown and bottom bracket outlined


Supply decals

Price and availability varies
Most brands $75.00 installed

Fitting your decals or transfers (labor only)


Silk screen only on Schwinn Krate chain guard


Silk screen only on Schwinn Mini Twinn chain guard


Special baked on urethane clear coat


Fork blade and rear stays chrome-masked and saved


Head lug chrome masked and saved (Nervex add $20)

(From) $30.00

Reynolds or Columbus tube decal


Frame saver internal tubing treatment


Multi-color and custom graphics and masking

$85.00 plus

High metallic, candy colors, and exotic finishes


Repaint fork only


Shipping Information

 Return U.P.S. packing and shipping is additional.

All prices are for frames supplied to us with all parts removed.

All frames supplied to us for frame repair or enameling should have all parts removed.  We realize that not everyone has access to the professional shop tools that are often necessary to accomplish this, so we can do this for our standard shop fees.  We would appreciate, however, your help in not burdening us with unnecessary parts that may be lost or damaged.

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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Swartz Creek, Michigan 48473

(810) 635-7844

FAX (810) 635-9283