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Bicycle & Frame Repair

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View Our Paint Gallery Here          Bicycle Repair
Frame Paint & Repair Pricing

Thank you for your interest in our bicycle repair and frame services. We are one of the leading suppliers of custom quality steel bicycle frame services in the Midwest. With a national reputation for excellence of quality and over 40 years of experience, we will do our best to restore repair and renovate your frame to better then new condition.


All bicycle frames supplied to us for frame repair or refinishing should have all of the parts removed. We realize that not everyone has access to the professional shop tools that are often necessary to accomplish this, so we can do this for our standard shop fees. We would appreciate, however, your help in not burdening us with unnecessary parts that may be lost or damaged.


Ship frames, forks, and bicycles to us in corrugated cardboard boxes. Bicycle frame boxes or cut down bicycle boxes work very well for this purpose. Complete bicycles, in some instances, will be close to the size limit of some carriers, so be careful. Please pack frames, forks and bicycles so that they are stationary in the box and there are no loose parts or boxes, which have a tendency to damage your frame while in transit. If you pack a frame and fork in the same box, wrap the fork completely, and then tape it or secure it to the bottom inside of the box, or inside the rear triangle of the frame. Remember these boxes will be moved and shaken and in some instances tossed several times in their travels. Again, make sure the parts can not move or rub against each other inside your box.

Ship to:
Assenmacher Cycles
8053 Miller Rd.
Swartz Creek, Mi 48473

You can download a copy of our latest price list from the link at the top of this web page.